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DIP / Owner / 2800 sq.ft. / 10 weeks


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Boardroom with bespoke ceiling

Consult and Design

The journey of transforming a 2800 sq. ft. space into a dynamic commercial haven in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) for our client Pearl Polyurethane Systems, which is a company that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of polyurethane products and systems began with the consult and design phase. Our expert team collaborated closely with the client, meticulously understanding their vision, goals, and branding essence. The result was a comprehensive design strategy that divided the available space with precision, giving rise to distinct zones that seamlessly integrated functionality and aesthetics.

Manage and build

Our dedicated team embarked on the journey to transform design concepts into tangible reality. With careful attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we managed every aspect of the project, from procurement to construction. The furniture selection aligned perfectly with the envisioned aesthetic, with sleek white desktops and black framework seamlessly integrating with the overall design. The walls, painted in a pristine white shade, provided a canvas for the accent colors to truly pop. The office's ambiance was further elevated by the choice of ceilings – a 60x60 grid adorned with 60x60 LED lights, and a sophisticated gypsum ceiling featuring accent ribs that added depth and character. Spotlights cast focused illumination, elevating the overall visual appeal of the space.

Meeting offcie with rib ceiling

The New Space

Shah Aziz Shipping Lines’ new address boasts a clean and modern décor that’s diverse and adaptable to the needs of the internal team and customers. A mixture of fixed desks, ergonomic workspaces, meeting rooms, customer focused areas, document storage areas, and breakout areas better utilise the space and help create dedicated environments of productivity. While the luxury fabrics and furnishings, feature lighting, and the grey laminated floors in conjunction with the brand’s colours and brick wallpaper on the main feature wall add a personal touch of elegance to the commercial space.


Together, this diversity of elements helped create a work ambience with a cost-effective fit out that packed the wow factor.

The New Space

The completion of this ambitious project culminated in the birth of a new and captivating office space that transcended its 2800 sq. ft. dimensions. Every inch of the area had been thoughtfully transformed to serve a purpose, reflecting the organization's ethos and ambitions. The lounge area exuded warmth, inviting relaxation and informal collaboration. The conference room stood as a testament to professionalism and creativity, setting the stage for impactful discussions. The reception area, dressed in the company's accent brand colors, showcased a balance of warmth and sophistication. The working areas were optimized for productivity and comfort, with the choice of furniture and lighting contributing to a conducive environment. Executive rooms exuded elegance, creating an aura of importance and accomplishment. Collectively, the result was an interior fitout project that demonstrated the power of meticulous design, strategic planning, and flawless execution.

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