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Tecom/ Owner / 1900 sq.ft / 6 Weeks



Consult and Design

Our interior project for Commonwealth, a leading branding company in Dubai, began with a thorough consultation to understand their vision for a minimalistic yet eye-catching office space. The primary requirement was to create a clean and open environment with a standout design element. We proposed highlighting the AC ducts, making them a focal point of the design. The design plan included aligning three offices with the glass façade, while the rest of the space remained open. Clean white walls, a wooden-look floor, and wooden finish furniture were chosen to enhance the aesthetics, complemented by white lighting to blend seamlessly with the white ceiling. Black was used strategically for defining lines, such as glass frames and skirtings, to add contrast and definition.

Manage and build

The manage and build phase spanned two months, during which we meticulously executed the design plan for a space of 1590sq.ft. A bespoke display unit was installed at the entrance, replacing the traditional reception desk and setting a modern tone for the office. This was followed by the installation of workstation desks to create a co-working area, maximizing the use of space. A small dry pantry was strategically placed behind the display shelves for convenience. The high table in the co-working area serves as a discussion corner, fostering collaboration among team members. The framed glass partition system with black frames was implemented to maintain the minimal and clean aesthetic throughout the office. The conference room was designed with a friendly and informal setup, opting for sofas and a coffee table instead of a conventional meeting table.

Office's Feature Glass PArtitions with black frames
Commonwealth Open Office Area

The New Space

The final result is a minimal and aesthetically pleasing office that perfectly meets the client's requirements. The strategic selection of materials, colors, and elements, along with efficient space management, has created a welcoming and functional workspace. The eye-catching AC ducts, clean white walls, and wooden finishes create a harmonious and professional environment. The black-framed glass partitions add a touch of sophistication, while the bespoke display unit and co-working area enhance the office's modern appeal. The informal conference room setup promotes a relaxed atmosphere, making the space both practical and inviting. This is another project that highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality interior fitouts in Dubai, tailored to our clients' unique needs and preferences.

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