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Surround glass lighting system.

Glass Partitions Dubai

At Janat Office Fit Out we love designing and creating individual office glass partitions. Our partitions improve many elements such as productivity, staff welfare and also gives your office a “wow” factor.  We manufacture all our glass and the UAE and have more than 10 years’ experience. Our systems and range can suit every budget, from high end to low cost solutions.

We offer our customers fast no obligation costings which also includes a consultation on building approval processes. Our in-house team are highly experienced and offer our customer a seamless hassle-free experience in all your glass partition requirements.


    We offer our customers fast no obligation costings which also includes a consultation on building approval processes.


Glass Fitters Dubai

Single Glazed Glass Partitions

Our single frameless glass partitions are cost effective way to change any offices look and feel. Our glass systems are available in various thicknesses from 8mm – 15mm including numerous options of perimeter tracks, which are available in all types of finishes. All our glass components are designed for speedy installation without losing stability. Our thicker glass options can provide your office with a better acoustic environment for our meeting rooms.

Glass Doors & Partitions Dubai

Our range of glass door can change any environment by allowing uninterrupted light into any dark office. We provide huge amount of solutions and systems to suit every need. Ranges from push to sliding, frameless to hinged, we have every option made to measure. Our diverse range of products includes channel finishes in aluminum, stainless steel and we also provide a service where item can be dipped in any color.

Switchable Glass Partitions

From a flick of a switch you can you can turn any meeting room or office into a covert screened room with complete privacy. Our new technology smart films can be made to match any room shape and can also help enhance the design of your environment. Smart films can also be cut to your brand logos and also can be projected onto to, this helps with visual display areas. Our team provide the complete service and electrical solutions to make this smart kit reality.

Smart Glass
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Glass Heat Protection Film

Living in the middle east can sometimes get really hot as AC systems struggle to keep up. Our heat films are applied to glass and can block heat up to 90% and save your fortunes in electricity bills. These films also help in blocking out harmful UV rays which can damage your skin and furniture. This simply solution helps with eliminating glare on computers and televisions.

Available in all levels of colors and darkness which can also provide offices with privacy and clarity. Most of our solution come with a 10-year warranty and some high ranges can be purchased with a life time warranty. Easy installation makes this product more desirable then curtains and blinds as its also very easy to clean and maintain.

Glass Heat Film Dubai
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