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Trakhees Approval - EHS

We are a registered contractor with the Trakhees Civil Engineering Department, and are licensed to practice as consultants and contractors at the many zones across Dubai that Trakhees is responsible. These include Ibn Battuta Mall, Dragon Mart, and Jebel Ali. Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is very diligent and only issues a certificate of approval once its convinced and satisfied with the competence of the company. At Janat, we have taken the required tests and inspections, as well as provided all the necessary documents (including a letter of understanding) needed to become a certified contractor for Trakhees.

Requirements to be a Trakhees-EHS Certified Contractor:

  • A valid trade license with at least six months validity

  • CVs of locally available staff (engineers/architects)

  • Proof of UAE residency (passport copy with visa page)

  • Attested copies of academic and professional qualifications/certifications

  • Copy of quality certification

  • Approval from other authorities

  • Proven track record summary of relevant experience/other similar projects

  • Proof of payment of registration fees

  • Declaration of blacklisting/litigation with any local or international agency

  • Local offices within the UAE

Trakhees-EHS Approval Process:

  • All applications are submitted online through the Trakhees portal and are very detailed to ensure little room for error in the future. Comments on the application are also shared online through the portal.

  • Applications take up to five working days to be approved.

  • In case an application is rejected, an online or site meeting can be requested to discuss the project in more detail.

  • When approved, we’ll schedule an initial inspection of the site before starting any work.

  • Lastly, once the project has been completed, we’ll apply for a final inspection to get the fit-out completion certificates.

Documents and Drawings Required for Trakhees-EHS Fit-Out Approvals:

  • Copy of trade license (client and contractor)

  • Tenancy contracts

  • NOC from building owner/real estate/management

  • Final approvals from DEWA and Dubai Civil Defense

  • Certificates from all relevant authority

  • Contractors’ all risks insurance

  • Workmen’s compensation insurance

  • Letters of undertaking

  • Title deeds

  • Scope of work

  • Health and safety certificates

  • DMCC ID cards for contractor

  • Existing and proposed drawings

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