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Dubai International Financial Centre Approved contractor. Janat Office Fit Out

DIFC Approval

We are a registered contractor with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a leading financial hub of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia spread over approximately 110 acres. Registration with DIFC is based on providing the necessary documents and a detailed description of previous work experience. As per policy, requests for all types of fit-out need to be made through their online portal which is only accessible to DIFC registered contractors. The portal also gives access to important assets such as previous builds, drawings, and project history.

Requirements to be a DIFC Certified Contractor:

  • Pre-Qualification certificates from Dubai Municipality (showing approved contractor)

  • Qualified civil and MEP engineers

  • Valid trade license

  • Deposit

  • Letter of undertaking

  • Safety induction courses from DIFC

  • Contractors’ all risks insurance

  • Workmen’s compensation insurance

  • First aid wardens

  • Fire wardens

  • Scaffolding safety wardens

DIFC Approval Process:

  • Before preparing the submission, we first meet the facilities management team of the project building to discuss the application and understand each individual building process. This gives a clear direction on how to make the submission.

  • All applications for construction work are submitted using DIFC’s online portal. It takes three to seven working days to receive a NOC on the initial submission.

  • In addition to this, there are a number of other approvals required which include concept drawing application, shell and core application, and general works application.

  • After all the approvals are in place, we’ll schedule an initial inspection of the site before starting any work.

  • DIFC may conduct surprise site inspections after the work has begun to ensure the work being done is as per the approved submission.

  • Once the project is completed, we’ll apply for a final inspection to get the fit-out completion certificates.

Documents and Drawings Required for DIFC Fit-Out Approval:

  • Fit-out and HSE Induction Checklist (ref. DIFC-FT-FO-06 Rev. 07), signed by FOSP, the tenant’s representative and tenant’s contractor

  • In-principle approval

  • Signed and stamped general terms and conditions for Tenant for Type A fit-out (ref. DIFC-FT-FO-10 Rev. 06)

  • Signed and stamped general terms and conditions for Contractor for Type A fit-out (ref. DIFC-FT-FO-11 Rev. 06)

  • Refundable security deposit cheque receipt from the tenant’s contractor in favour of “DIFC Investments LLC” (as per Schedule of Fees, Section 2.7)

  • Contractor commercial license

  • Common area condition report with photos

  • Tenancy contracts

  • NOC from building owner/real estate/management

  • Final approvals from DEWA and Dubai Civil Defense

  • Contractors’ all risks insurance

  • Workmen’s compensation insurance

  • Letters of undertaking

  • Scope of work

  • Health and safety certificates

  • DIFC ID cards for contractor

  • Existing and proposed drawings

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