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DCD Approval

Dubai Civil Defense Approved Contractor (DCD)

We are a registered contractor with Dubai Civil Defense and are licensed to apply for fire safety equipment at sites. Licenses for these activities are only issued through the authority’s Development Department by providing credentials for a qualified engineer and fire safety and first aid officers who have taken the relevant examinations, courses and training. Most buildings in Dubai require certified fire wardens to be present while construction is underway and request that all fire alarm work be done by the contractors.

Requirements to be a DCD Certified Contractor:

  • Practice certificate from Dubai Municipality

  • Qualification certificates attested by the UAE embassy/the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Experience certificates attested by the UAE embassy/the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Copy of the approved technician card

  • Membership at UAE Society of Engineers

DCD Approval Process:

  • Prior to beginning the application, we will liaise with the building owner to understand the previous applications and building rules regarding the fire equipment. This process helps our team to understand both the time scale and the cost of work involved. During these checks, our engineer will also take into account all the equipment that you will be liable for going forward. These could include fire panels, server setups, and subscriptions.

  • Once the quote and the initial drawings have been decided, our trained staff will make the final drawings for submission keeping DCD’s key criteria in mind, e.g. any closed room must have adequate smoke detectors and sprinkler systems installed.

  • Applications are submitted through DCD’s online portal. Our team will help you compile and upload all the required documents and drawings.

  • Initial approvals are granted within 24 hours, allowing us to simultaneously apply for work permits from other government bodies like Dubai Development Authority, Concordia, Dubai Municipality.

  • Approval for the main application can take up to 14 days, however we will be notified once it’s through. After which, we can download both the stamped drawings and the relevant permits.

  • Finally, once all the work is completed, we will apply for a site inspection which can take up to 30 days to be confirmed. As we are well-versed in this procedure, we will apply for the inspection in advance once we reach a point where the site is safe and the finishing work underway. DCD also offers an express inspection option for a fee which takes up to seven days to be confirmed.

  • It is important to keep in mind that site handover cannot be done without a completion certificate from DCD.

Documents and Drawings Required for DCD Fit-Out Approval:

  • Copy of the trade license

  • Copy of the owner’s passport and visa

  • Copy of Ejari

  • NOC from building owner/real estate/management

  • Affection plan showing plot and number

  • Certificates of all the new fire safety equipment

  • Building’s annual maintenance contract

  • Existing and proposed drawings

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