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Dubai Development Authority (DDA, previously known as DCCA)

DDA  Approval (Dubai Development Authority)

We are a registered contractor with Dubai Development Authority (DDA, previously known as DCCA) and are licensed to practice as consultants and contractors in Dubai. Licenses for these activities are issued by providing credentials for a qualified civil engineer and a detailed letter of undertaking, along with a deposit. DDA looks after many specific zones in Dubai including Media City, Internet City, Studio City, TECOM, Dubai Design District (D3), and Dubai Production City (IMPZ). It’s focus is to elevate its services, guidelines, and standards to become a leader on a global level demonstrating competitiveness in cutting-edge transformation and excellence.

Sample of Undertaking (which protect the client)
  • The Contractor shall comply with all the laws, rules and regulations, and any other related regulations of the Authority as may be implemented from time to time.

  • The Contractor shall accept full responsibility and liability for the safe operation and construction of the Project.

  • The Contractor shall ensure that all sub-Contractors hired by him/her comply with the terms of this document.

  • Any dispute that may arise in relation to the project located within the Authority’s jurisdiction, the Contractor acknowledges full responsibility and undertakes that any or whatever amounts or any issues being subject of any proceedings shall be binding among the Contractor without compromising, implicating and incriminating the Authority. The Authority is not an adjudication body for any dispute; instead it is an independent regulatory body with full, independent, and sovereign Authority.

  • This document together with the laws, rules, and regulations of the Authority governs the construction operation of the contractor on the Project. The Authority in the exercise of its administrative power shall enforce all the remedies available including eviction of the Contractor or revocation of the Contractor’s permit in the event of any infringement of the terms of this document and any laws, rules, and regulations of the Authority.

Requirements to be a DDA Certified Contractor

  • Pre-Qualification certificates from Dubai Municipality (showing approved contractor)

  • Valid trade license

  • Deposit

  • Letter of undertaking

Dubai Development Authority Approval Process.

  • Application submissions are made manually with a trained DDA representative, who checks and discusses the application before putting it into the system. This personal approach helps with the submission as all documents and drawings are triple-checked for clarification. Once the application is submitted, it can be checked online for progress and comments.

  • The approval process usually takes three working day. Once the permit is issued, we then start mobilising our teams.

  • If the project requires refurbishment or has a complicated build, DDA may request a first fix inspection. This helps highlight any issues that may be there and results in a quick completion.

  • Lastly, once all the work has been completed, we’ll apply for a final inspection. This process is very quick and can be done within three days. Once this inspection is approved, a fit-out completion certificate will be granted which will allow you to start your business.

DDA Document & Drawings Required for Fit Out

  • Copy of the trade license

  • Copy of Ejari

  • NOC from building owner/real estate/management

  • Final approvals from DEWA and Dubai Civil Defense

  • All relevant authority certificates

  • Existing and proposed drawings

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