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JBC 1 / Owner / 2960 sq.ft. / 4 weeks


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Consult and Design

The journey of our remarkable commercial office interior fitout project at JBC 1 began with an intensive consultation and design phase. Collaborating closely with our client, DTK Studio which is a Dubai based creative hospitality interior design studio, we delved into their vision and requirements to craft a space that would resonate with their brand identity and foster a productive atmosphere. With a sprawling area of 2960 sq.ft at our disposal, our design experts meticulously conceptualized a layout that seamlessly blended functionality with aesthetics. The warm and inviting ambiance was at the forefront of our design ethos, which guided the selection of materials, colors, and lighting elements.

Manage and build

Transitioning from the consultation phase, our team took charge of the project's management and construction, turning the envisioned design into a tangible reality within an impressive timeframe of just 4 weeks. The challenge of time was met with adept project management skills and a dedicated workforce. From the open ceiling exuding an industrial charm to the wooden finish flooring that added a touch of sophistication, every aspect of the space was carefully executed. A highlight of the project was the innovative use of feature track lighting and bespoke linear lighting. These lighting arrangements not only illuminated the space efficiently but also served as captivating design elements, augmenting the overall aesthetics.


The New Space

Shah Aziz Shipping Lines’ new address boasts a clean and modern décor that’s diverse and adaptable to the needs of the internal team and customers. A mixture of fixed desks, ergonomic workspaces, meeting rooms, customer focused areas, document storage areas, and breakout areas better utilise the space and help create dedicated environments of productivity. While the luxury fabrics and furnishings, feature lighting, and the grey laminated floors in conjunction with the brand’s colours and brick wallpaper on the main feature wall add a personal touch of elegance to the commercial space.


Together, this diversity of elements helped create a work ambience with a cost-effective fit out that packed the wow factor.

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The New Space

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the creation of a stunning new office space that reflects the essence of the client's brand and encapsulates a harmonious blend of functionality and style. Stepping into the office, one is greeted by warm hues that permeate every corner, setting a welcoming tone. The open ceiling design fosters an air of spaciousness, while the wooden finish flooring adds a touch of natural warmth. Accentuating the space are the meticulously placed feature track lighting and bespoke linear lighting arrangements that not only provide ample illumination but also lend an artistic flair. The chosen beige and white theme finds continuity in the furniture, with white and wooden pieces complementing the color scheme seamlessly. The workstation desks, characterized by their clean and sleek forms, contribute to an organized and efficient work environment.

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