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Tecom/ Owner / 2175 sq.ft / 8 Weeks



Consult and Design

At Momentum, we embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize their office space, aiming to create an open, collaborative environment with minimal partitions. The consult and design process was meticulously planned to align with Momentum's vision of fostering teamwork and innovation. We began by understanding their needs and preferences, focusing on designing a space that would inspire creativity and enhance productivity. The design included a high table meeting desk, strategically placed at the entrance to serve as a central gathering spot for employees, and a lit branding wall that reinforces the company's identity.

Manage and build

During the manage and build phase, our team worked diligently to bring the design to life within a two-month schedule. Attention to detail was paramount as we implemented the open office concept, ensuring that the only closed spaces were the CEO room, three manager offices, and a single phone booth. The main open area was meticulously planned to accommodate 28 workstations, promoting a sense of openness and collaboration. Key design elements, such as the angled glass partitions, were carefully integrated to add visual interest and define spaces without closing them off.

OPen space & Closed Offices
Open Office Working Area 4.jpg

The New Space

The new office space at Momentum is a testament to modern interior fitout practices in Dubai. The concrete finish on the floor seamlessly flows into similar finishes on the furniture, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look. The open ceiling, washed with black paint and complemented by black linear lights, enhances the spaciousness of the office. This design not only meets the functional requirements but also adds a contemporary aesthetic that aligns with Momentum's brand. The result is a dynamic and engaging workspace that fosters productivity and innovation, setting a new standard for interior fitouts in Dubai.

Contact Us

Office 307, Apex Atrium

Motor City, Dubai


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