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Tecom/ Owner / 1890 sq.ft / 6 Weeks



Consult and Design

For our interior project with Reprise, an advertising agency, the primary goal was to create a sleek and clean office space that clearly defined different functional areas. The initial consultation focused on understanding the client's need for a distinct separation between the client interaction area, which included the CEO office and board room, and the working area, featuring workstations, phone booths, manager offices, a dry pantry, and additional storage. The design emphasized a white base with white ceilings and walls, complemented by the brand color blue on the pillars to add a touch of vibrancy and brand identity.

Manage and build

The manage and build phase of the Reprise project was meticulously planned and executed over a period of 6weeks. The construction team worked diligently to bring the design to life, focusing on precision and quality. The flooring consisted of a combination of ceramic tiles, featuring a concrete effect in the open areas and wood effect in the closed areas. Lighting played a crucial role in the overall ambiance, with spotlights installed in closed areas, linear lights above working tables, and pendant lights in other sections to ensure adequate illumination and enhance the office's modern look. The furniture, finished in oak wood, was carefully selected and placed to harmonize with the flooring, creating a cohesive and stylish environment.

Reprise Dubai Open Office

The New Space

The final result of the Reprise office project is a sophisticated and functional workspace that perfectly balances aesthetics and practicality. The predominantly white office, accented with blue pillars, provides a fresh and professional atmosphere. The strategic placement of the brand logo throughout the office walls and on the glass partitions at eye level adds to the branding and visual interest, breaking the monotony of the white base. The combination of different flooring effects and diverse lighting solutions enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, while the oak wood furniture contributes to a warm and inviting feel.

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