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Shah Aziz - Smart Tower Tecom

CEO Office Smart Heights

Consult and Design

Shah Aziz Shipping Lines (SASL), a shipping service in the MENA region, wanted to turn the 23rd floor of Smart Heights in TECOM into a thriving commercial space that has the right balance of customer service, operational and management areas.

Manage and build

This was a fast-track project which had tight deadlines as the client could not afford any downtime given the nature of business. We finished and delivered the work spanning 2,000 square feet in just four weeks. This included getting all the approvals and completion certificates. However, even as we raced against time, we factored in contemporary and unique features like open ceiling, bespoke reception walls, built-in storage, customer waiting area, customer service counters, and staff breakout areas, into our initial design of the new space. This helped us save time, ensure clean finish, and deliver a truly unique work environment.

Open Office Dubai

The New Space

Shah Aziz Shipping Lines’ new address boasts a clean and modern décor that’s diverse and adaptable to the needs of the internal team and customers. A mixture of fixed desks, ergonomic workspaces, meeting rooms, customer focused areas, document storage areas, and breakout areas better utilise the space and help create dedicated environments of productivity. While the luxury fabrics and furnishings, feature lighting, and the grey laminated floors in conjunction with the brand’s colours and brick wallpaper on the main feature wall add a personal touch of elegance to the commercial space.


Together, this diversity of elements helped create a work ambience with a cost-effective fit out that packed the wow factor.

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