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Dubai Marina/ Owner / 7500 sq.ft. / 3 months


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Consult and Design

Unifonic FZE is a leading technology company, offering cloud-based communication services that empower businesses to engage effectively with their customers and enhance their communication strategies. The objective of this office interior fitout project in Dubai Marina was to create a comfortable and inviting workspace that reflected the company's culture and values. Spanning across an expansive area of 7500 sq.ft., the project aimed to combine functionality with aesthetics, fostering a productive and inspiring environment for employees. With a complete turnkey approach, we undertook the responsibility of transforming the empty space into a vibrant office, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Manage and build

The build process involved meticulous planning and coordination to bring the vision to life. To add an element of uniqueness and visual appeal, we incorporated feature elements such as a rib ceiling and cladding, as well as a metal rib screen. These architectural elements added texture and depth to the office space, enhancing its overall aesthetic. Attention was paid to every detail, ensuring a seamless integration of different elements. From the initial demolition and construction phases to the final touches, our team worked diligently to deliver a high-quality interior fitout that met the client's expectations.

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The New Space

Shah Aziz Shipping Lines’ new address boasts a clean and modern décor that’s diverse and adaptable to the needs of the internal team and customers. A mixture of fixed desks, ergonomic workspaces, meeting rooms, customer focused areas, document storage areas, and breakout areas better utilise the space and help create dedicated environments of productivity. While the luxury fabrics and furnishings, feature lighting, and the grey laminated floors in conjunction with the brand’s colours and brick wallpaper on the main feature wall add a personal touch of elegance to the commercial space.


Together, this diversity of elements helped create a work ambience with a cost-effective fit out that packed the wow factor.


The New Space

The newly designed office interior space exudes a cozy and contemporary ambiance. The choice of materials and finishes played a vital role in creating this atmosphere. Wooden and black finish furniture pieces were strategically placed to create a harmonious balance of warmth and sophistication. Moreover, to cater to the need for privacy, a dedicated phone booth was incorporated, providing employees with a quiet space for important conversations. Additionally, the open working area featured planters with storage units, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for organizing work essentials.

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